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Going beyond industry expectations

The Leaders in Performance Workwear.

It means innovative design, top quality workmanship and world leading fabrics at value for money pricing. We are grounded in sustainability & the pursuit of circularity.
Circular Economic workwear

Weartek Zero® committed to circular economic workwear.

At Weartek®, we are committed to contributing to a better world through our own sustainability initiatives. We strive to lead by example and take action in living our beliefs.

Weartek FR + AS/NZS 4836 Range.

Weartek® is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through our sustainability initiatives. We lead by example and take action to bring our beliefs to life.
Core Brand

Weartek Zero®

Weartek Zero® is a gamer changer and achieves the balance of functional, ‘best-practise’ products with corporate social responsibility.

Core Brand

Weartek FR + AS/NZS 4836 Range

Our design-first approach means we start with the end user and build a range of inherent fire-resistant options.

Our Vision

A Revolutionary Approach to Wearable Technology

Weartek® is an innovation company specialising in high-performance sustainable workwear for various industries including, mining, oil and gas, emergency services, government agencies, construction and civil.

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials sets us apart as the preferred choice for businesses seeking workwear that delivers exceptional performance and durability. Our global team of textile industry experts work to establish leadership for Weartek clients in safety, productivity, comfort and agility for workers in extreme or adverse environments.

Weartek products

Products By Category

At Weartek®, our mission is to design safe, functional and fashionable apparel for workers in first-responder-like environments. Our industry-appropriate materials ensure breathability, safety and durability, while our clothing remains stylish, functional and sustainable.

We are committed to creating safe, functional and fashionable apparel for workers in the emergency services, including women. We tailor clothing to address the female form while ensuring breathability, safety and durability with industry-appropriate materials, which are also sustainable.

weartek in the field

Industries Served by Weartek








Oil & Gas

Emergency Services

Fire & Rescue



Minimising environmental impact with Weartek Zero®

Weartek® has forged collaborative partnerships with dedicated players in the apparel industry and has developed workwear products made from recycled, renewable and sustainable materials. This breakthrough offering represents the first truly sustainable workwear solution on the market.

Weartek FR supply the best heat-protection fibre in the industry today.

LENZING™ FR is a sustainably produced inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fibre based on the renowned Modal fibre production process.

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