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Weartek FR

Weartek® is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through our sustainability initiatives. We lead by example and take action to bring our beliefs to life.

Radiant heat
Electric arcs
Flash fires
Performance workwear

What is Weartek FR?

Weartek® provides superior, fit-for-purpose, performance FR workwear.

At Weartek®, we prioritise user-centred design, building a range of Inherent FR (fire-resistant) options tailored to the needs of end-users, including base layers, uniform wear, rescue coveralls and certified Wildland ensembles.

Through collaborations with trusted fibre manufacturers and fabric mills, we develop lightweight options for Australian conditions, ensuring our clients operate with the most comfortable and effective FR uniforms and apparel for their personnel.

Product Categories
Product Categories

Weartek FR

At Weartek®, we are committed to contributing to a better world through our own sustainability initiatives. We strive to lead by example and take action in living our beliefs.