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changing the game

Why Weartek®

Performance workwear is our passion. It’s why we do what we do.

main initiative

Committed to the Circular Economy, we’re changing how workwear is managed

Who are we

Weartek® is an innovation company specialising in high-performance sustainable workwear for various industries including, mining, oil and gas, emergency services, government agencies, construction and civil.

Our vision

Our team excels in creating custom high-quality workwear that prioritises worker health and safety by overcoming daily functional challenges through unique design and development.

Our solutions

Weartek Zero®

Weartek FR

Weartek Core

Weartek 4836

Addressing the impact of workwear apparel for a greener future

Nick Pearce

founder and Managing Director

message from the founder

It’s time to change the game

Weartek® is committed to supplying high-quality, worker-designed performance wear, which embraces the principles of the circular economy.

Led by our founder and Managing Director, Nick Pearce, with over two decades of experience in apparel design, Weartek® is committed to delivering sustainable, wearable, comfortable apparel solutions.

Our expert team focuses on worker health and safety, designing custom, high-quality performance workwear that surpasses functional challenges. With a deep understanding of specialised apparel, we consistently provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Partner with Weartek
® to meet your workwear and apparel needs while promoting sustainability and ensuring worker satisfaction. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your workwear standards.

Performance Workwear

It means innovative design, top-quality workmanship and world-leading fabrics at value-for-money pricing. We are grounded in sustainability & the pursuit of circularity.